The Song of Cheveners of All Earths

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The Song of Cheveners of All Earths’

A collaborative creation under the aegis of Cheveners UNITED


Description: The making of the Chevening Song “The Song of Cheveners of All Earths”

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  1. Description: The making of the Chevening song “The Song of Cheveners of All Earths”

03 June 2016: First offline live performance & launch

On 3 June 2016, the eve of World Environment Day (5 June 2016), leading Chevening      alumni in the energy and environment and other major sectors gathered at the residence of British High Commissioner to India Sir Dominic Asquith, KCMG,  in New Delhi, to discuss environment enabling economic growth.

This official event before the World Environment Day, also suitably venued the    launch of the first offline live performance of the song titled ‘The Song of Cheveners of All Earths’. ‘Cheveners’ is the common and official expression used for Chevening scholars, fellows and alumni just as ‘Oxonians’ is for the ones from the Oxford University.

People observed that the High Commissioner was also singing along – We are the           Cheveners.

CEO of NITI Ayog(or the National Institution for Transforming India is a Government        of India policy think-tank established by the Prime Minister NarendraModi government to replace the Planning Commission) Amitabh Kant, also a Chevener and a member of the group Cheveners UNITED,  was a keynote speaker at the event.

A leading Chevener and member of Cheveners UNITED, Rajeet Ranjan Sinha, came to     the dais to invite the attention of the attending Cheveners and others to the song.

The song was composed and performed by Sujoy Banerjee and written by him along        with VatsalaKaul Banerjee, and Tarun Kumar, all three of them being Cheveners and           proud members of Cheveners UNITED.

02 June 2016: First online launch & public availability

A day before, on 2 June 2016, at 11.51 am, the song was informally launched online        when Tarun Kumar uploaded it on the WhatsApppresence of the group ‘Cheveners      UNITED’, the largest and most communicative English language Chevening alumni online-web-chatting-application group anywhere in the world.

Many Cheveners shared the song within their other networks and within hours the           song potentially reached thousands of persons

Tarun Kumar said:

“Sujoy has performed a beautiful Chevening song titled ‘The Song of Cheveners of All Earths’ representing the pride of all Chevening, Scholars, Fellows and alumni in every country globally. He was assisted in this creation by Vatsala and myself. Enjoy!”

Minutes before, on cue, Anjana Sinha, another Chevener and member of the group,        had added back Sujoy to the group who had taken a leave for other pressing           matters.


Amongst the notable member Cheveners who listened carefully to the song and   posted appreciative messages on the group Cheveners UNITED were –

Abhishek Jain, Anjali Kaushik, Ashok Emani, Barna Majumdar, D Rajasekhar, Dipali Nimbalkar, Harit Soni, Jitesh J Brahmakshatriya, Mrinmayee Bhushan, Nanu Bhasin, Poonam Jayant Singh, Puja Awasthi, Rajiv Ginodia, Rohita, Sanghamitra Biswas, Sankalp Srivastava, Saundarya Rajesh, Sayad Fayaz, Shalini Sharma, Shantanu, Shuchin Bajaj, Tarun Singhal, Udita Dutta, V Rajesh, Vikram Idnani, Vineet Kumar.


Origins of the song and the process of developmen

Early April 2016, Sujoy Banerjee posted in the group Cheveners UNITED a thought            having a Chevening song. Tarun Kumar and Vatsala Kaul Banerjee promptly expressed a keen interest. On 2 April 2016, Tarun Kumar created a temporary special-purpose sub-group on WhatsApp with Sujoy and Vatsala as other   members for the co-creation of the song. Sujoy said that the good vibes in Cheveners UNITED acted as muse to the idea. In couple of days, he absented from the main  group to focus more on other professional engagements and this new sub-group.

Tarun posted six guidelines for the song. Sujoy wanted to focus more on the text.           Vatsala stressed on communicating the diverse talent and global dispersal. Several             ideas were discussed.

On 16 May 2016, Sujoy posted the first iteration of song that was of a duration of 1.22 minutes. Vatsala thought the lyrics need to be more ‘songish’. Tarun posted detailed lyrics with expressions like ‘…we embroider the nexts…we are puissants.’ A large part of it was archaic – Vatsala felt. And Sujoy appreciated the text if it was to be a poem. Tarun was keen on sublime messaging and   deeper thoughts Lyrics across the spectrum of nursery-rhymes and archaic stuff    were briefly further discussed.

By 2 Jun 2016, the pre-final version emerged . Mr.Sujoy posted the song having a            duration of 03.03 minutes. Further minor modifications were discussed and the final            version settled at was of a duration 03.46 minutes.

Tarun, the original Creator of the WhatsApp group Cheveners UNITED had also taken a back-seat in the group for a quarter of a year. He requested Anjana to add Sujoy to            the group. And then Tarun posted ‘The Song of Cheveners of All Earths’ to the group.          This was the first online launch of the song.

Sujoy said:

“I shared the idea of writing a Chevening song initially with Tarun. He sounded very excited about it and Vatsala was also roped in. Both of them contributed in their own ways to writing the lyrics which has helped provide the final shape to the song.”

Vatsala said:

“Sujoy is a creative powerhouse – gets lyrics, composition, instruments all done in an energetic trice. Tarun loves to initiate projects and get people up and doing doing them. My contribution was minimal J and it was fun to participate in the process with these two.”

Tarun said:

“This creation became successful completely due to a team effort of Cheveners. Sujoy’s composing, performing, and also writing talents were aided and complemented with Vatsala’s balanced textual inputs.I was delighted for the realised-opportunity of co-writing the lyrics. Now we are finalising the plans for the next steps of collaborating with other interested members of our group Cheveners UNITED. Every collaborator will b gratefully acknowledged”


  1. Plan for making the video

A next step in the journey of the song is to make a video. Members of the group can        contribute in the following two ways. Both kinds of contents should be copyright free.

  1. Audio                                                                                                                               Collaborators, one or persons together, can sing along the chorus ‘We are the Cheveners’ (seen in bold in the lyrics) and send it as an mp3 file. All of these will be merged. The chorus could be sung by – member Cheveners, their spouse, children, parents and siblings.
  1. Pictures

Similarly, each person can send upto 5 pictures on themes of – their time in the UK, visuals of the University, work-environment post return from Chevening programme. About 150 pictures will be used.

Further details on file formats, naming protocol of files, and other details will be sent      to interested parties via e-mail.

The names of the collaborators will run across the length of the video as a ticker at the bottom.

This should be submitted within a week from the announcement of calls.

The production should be completed in 2 weeks. Post production and fine-tuning will       take another 1 week.

Within a month of the opening call, the video of the song ‘The Song of Cheveners of All Earths’ will be launched on youtube.

  1. Caller tune

Besides the video, only the integrator chorus could be made available in a way that         Cheveners / related parties can use it as caller-tune on their mobile device

  1. Weblinks

Example of the song can be heard at the following links


  1. File formats                                                                                                                                  Currently the song is available in mp3 format.
  1. Trivia

The duration in seconds is 226. The lyrics use the word ‘Cheveners’ 19 times. In    numerology, both of these connote to a perfect 10! The lyrics use the word ‘UNITED’   01 time.Other trivia regarding the video will be issued later.

  1. Copyright

All copyrights rest with Sujoy Banerjee, Tarun Kumar, and VatsalaKaul Banerjee.. However, the audio, in unedited forms, can be utilised by anyone. The utilising party should give credit in the following way –

‘This creation titled ‘The Song of Cheveners of All Earths’ was composed & performed by Sujoy Banerjee, and was co-written by him along with Tarun Kumar and Vatsala Kaul Banerjee under the aegis of Cheveners UNITED’

To use them for alternate developments (eg chorus by Cheveners in other countries or making other videos) same credit should be given.

The audio of the caller-tune, should be used only as a caller-tune, and there is no need to give credit. To use it in any other ways, prior written approval is needed and requests can be made at

For any intended enhancements also, the above mentioned condition is applicable.


The lyrics are given below. Chorus are in bold letters.

The Song of Cheveners of All Earths

Composed and performed by Sujoy Banerjee

Written and © by Sujoy Banerjee, VatsalaKaul Banerjee, and Tarun Kumar

A journey that brought us together


We are one


Courses that broadened our horizon

Changed the way we think

We stand apart


We are the leaders, believers

Achievers, agents of change

We are the thinkers, innovators

We are proud to stand up and say


We are the Cheveners, we are the Cheveners

O..o We are the Cheveners x 2


And We come from different walks of life

Different expertise

One and all.


We are brimming with endless energy

We have the power

To energize


With a clear heart we’ve made a start

Come together for a cause

United energy and synergy

We’re the ones who’ll change the world.


We are the Cheveners, we are the Cheveners

O..o We are the Cheveners




We are the Cheveners, we are the Cheveners

O..o We are the Cheveners x 2

  1. Genre                                                                                                                                                        Rock


  1. About the team                                                                                                                                                                                     Sujoy Banerjee

Chief Conservator of Forests, Court Case, NOIDA

Environment Management & Sustainable Development

University of Wales, 2005  

Tarun Kumar

Founder, Xyanni – India Partnership for Emerging Enterprise

Chevening Young Managers for Leadership

Leeds University, 2000

Vatsala Kaul Banerjee

Publisher, Children’s & Reference Books, Hachette India

Chevening Young Journalists’ Fellowship, 1994

University of Westminster


  1. Approved pictures

Only the picture given on the cover page is approved to be used in conjunction with the song.

  1. Cheveners UNITED                                                                                                          Cheveners UNITED is the informal, inclusive, independent, and complimentary confederation of positive minded Chevening scholars, fellows, alumni, and our groupings. We embroider synchronisation, integration, and leveraging of our individual & united energies.  We better the world. We do this via, inter-alia, strengthening relationships with the UK and advancement of mutual social, professional, and personal lives.

The group debuted on the mobile chatting application WhatsApp on 16 Jan 2016. As of now, amongst Cheveners, this group is the largest and most communicative group as a chat-app in English language

  1. Contacts



BonafideCheveners can apply to join any/all of the social media presence of the Cheveners UNITED through a Google form.



LinkedIn:                                         10310326/about